Grades of ACRYPET


Types Grade Features Typical Products
Standard Grades VH Standard grade with top grade of heat resistance Tail Lamps of Automobile 
MD Balanced molding and heat resistance characteristics Table Ware
MF Good fluidity and suitable for large molding or thin wall molding. Cup, Salad Bowl
Optical Grades VH  for optical lens : lower contaminations fθLens for LBP, Pick up lens of CD
VH5 Top grade of heat resistance and good fluidity. LGP of Monitor (Injection)
TF8、TF9 Higher fluidity for thin thickness injection molding LGP of Notebook PC
VH6 Suitable for thick extrusion sheet LGP of Monitor (Extrusion)
Special Grades VHS Balanced molding and heat resistance characteristics LED Lens of Automobile 
SV Higher fluidity and good heat resistance Overlayer of co-extrusion Sheets & Siding
V Suitable for extrusion molding Extrusion Sheets
VH4 Heat resistance & Solvent resistance Tail Lamps of Automobile 
Impact Resistant    Grades  IRD series Good looking and good molding property Ball Point Pens, Bath Goods
IRL series Balanced impact proof, molding property, and heat resistance Mobilephone, Side Visor of Automobile
IRS series Top-grade of fluidity among impact proof grades. Overlayer of co-extrusion, Frame of LCD TV
IRG series Good impact proof and good heat resistance, for extrusion Construction Sheet, Edge Belt of Table 
Antistatic Grades TBR series Good Antistatic property Lights, Window of LCD
Continuous Antistatic TBV series Continuous Antistatic House Cleaner, IC Tray
Special Colors Filter Colors Cut the light ray of specific wavelength Remote Control Device, Sun Glasses 
Diffusion Colors Good photo diffusion and high transparency of total waves Diffuser of LED Lighting